50 Impressions of Iran - Entirely Shot on an iPhone

In each trip to my fatherland I saw new impressions of Iran. Like all the other folks visiting their country I have tons of vacation pictures and videos, which I have never watched or only once in the last few years.

This short clip was entirely shot and edited on the iPhone 5 during my last three trips to Iran. For some people this is not professional in the making, but I learnt to understand that a work with an expensive making is not less worth or effort than an emotional short film with less costs. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a smart phone with a camera function, so everyone is actually able to be creative with a goal in mind.

With this work I don’t just want to show some impressions of Iran, but I want to motivate people to share their impressions to the world. This kind of sharing leads to a better understanding, coexistence and to a better world.

Music Credits: Hiatus – Empress (feat. Hayedeh)
iPhone App used for edit: Gravie